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We are professionals who provide integrated construction services for residential and commercial landscapes and driveways. Our company greatly emphasizes giving the most efficient and effective services. Our exceptionally stunning services not only magnify the beauty of your house’s interior and exterior but also strengthen it. Our passion for adorning home surfaces with luxury designs and raw materials adds value to your properties. Being customer-driven service providers, we add value to your lives.

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Are you planning to transform the exterior of your home or business? If that is the case, then delve into our world of high-standard home exterior designs, innovative driveways, and splendid landscaping. There is no denying the fact that we possess a great deal of experience. We provide guaranteed results, making sure your properties have the sturdiest look.

Being construction and design experts, we excel at providing customized services prioritizing the customer’s unique and unmet demand. We incorporate integrity, consistency, and hard work into our work processes to ensure the customers how valuable our construction services are. We have a backed team comprising qualified engineers, architects, planners, contractors, and civil engineers who together contribute vastly to bring countrywide recognition and satisfy the customers.

Hire us and witness how we will transform your imagination into reality with the utmost brilliance. You can rely on our experts and designers with a blind eye. They will help you understand the significance and role of each building material. Moreover, we take pride in going the extra mile to assist you in coordinating components to achieve the perfect look and a long-lasting look. With our professionalism and hard work, we uphold healthy relationships with our clients and look forward to forming new relationships in the future.

How We Work

Our Four Step Work Process



We assess the needs of the customer and determine the most appropriate services required



Leave a quotation for the type of service you desire to avail, highlighting your demand



Get an appointment booked with our consultants who will guide you through the time and schedule



After the acceptance of your quotation, the work on your project shall commence

What We Serve

Start Building the Products Your Customers.

If you seek intricate-designed block paving services in Woking for your buildings, welcome to our website! Having years of expertise in block paving services, we create enchanting, graceful, and durable block paving for you. Our dynamic team uses top-notch materials to build paving that looks beautiful and lasts for a very long period. We have a diverse design portfolio that connects with your tastes, interests, style, and budget. To ensure perfection, attention to detail, and fineness, we remain mindful of your needs.

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Resin-bound is a mixture that can be troweled onto a driveway surface to provide a smooth and flat finish. Being known as the “stone carpet”, it provides a seamless, attractive, durable, and decorative look to the surface.

Driveways deteriorate because of bad weathering, improper installations, sinking areas, and constant use making them unsafe to use. Sometimes you need to change the layout of your driveways according to your preferences or the overall design of the property. At Phoenix Landscape and Driveways, you will be granted exceptional resin-bound services to solve all your problems.

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Brickwork is the strongest foundation in constructing any type of property. When it is used to build walls with precision, caution, and the best quality raw materials, a compelling structure comes into form. We have the best standard materials and highly efficient brickwork services to build muscular wall architecture for you. From ancient design frameworks to contemporary ones, we provide every kind of brickwork to elevate the look of your buildings. Our expert bricklayers have years of valuable experience and knowledge about exceptional brickwork which is going to take the look of your buildings to the highest level.

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If you are not familiar with the term damp proofing, then know that it is a technique to prevent the entry of water and moisture into the structure of buildings. It is conducted by placing a water-resistant layer between the source of dampness and the specific part of the building. Damp-proofing in Croydon is necessary for everyone because it protects your property from ground dampness.

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Lloyd Smith
Lloyd Smith

1) Phoenix Landscape and Driveways has done a splendid job with our block paving. The team was kind, friendly, and extremely helpful. We achieved what we had requested. For our house exterior projects, we will collaborate with them again!

Karla Clinton

2) We believe that Phoenix Landscape and Driveways outperformed the fencing services inside our backyard. We wanted a cutesy bamboo fence to keep inside our hens, chicks, and rabbits. I am happy to say we have now a beautiful fence in our home