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Resin bond

Resin-bound is a mixture that can be troweled onto a driveway surface to provide a smooth and flat finish. Being known as the “stone carpet”, it provides a seamless, attractive, durable, and decorative look to the surface.

Driveways deteriorate because of bad weathering, improper installations, sinking areas, and constant use making them unsafe to use. Sometimes you need to change the layout of your driveways according to your preferences or the overall design of the property. At Phoenix Landscape and Driveways, you will be granted exceptional resin-bound services to solve all your problems.

Resin Bound Services at your Doorstep

Resin-bound makes your driveways or any surfaces look catchy, durable, and practical. Being professionals, we are highly skilled and knowledgeable in upholding a smooth transition. Phoenix Landscape and Driveways has years of valuable industry experience and has been proven to be effective in achieving success.  Get your resin-bound driveways in Croydon revolutionized! We are only a doorstep away.


Resin-bound surfacing is quite eco-friendly due to its permeability. Its porous surface allows the rainwater to drain through it so that it is naturally absorbed into the ground. If you are in search of the most environment-friendly surfacing option for your new driveway, connect with Phoenix Landscape and Driveways.

Have Flexibility in Design

Customizable designs with resin-bound add value and innovation to the transition process from an ordinary-looking driveway to an elegant and graceful space.

At our company, you can adapt your resin-bound system to any imaginable shape on your surface. It will provide you with a beautiful alternative to paving or concrete. We offer a wide range of aesthetic color blends, beautifying the appearance of your designs.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

It is very convenient to clean a resin-bound system making it a highly dependable and effective surface material for the driveways. Most of the dirt on it can be taken care of with mere jet wash. Avail yourself of our resin-bound services to further enhance your house spaces.